The Singular Santiago - A Singular Way of Traveling

Welcome to our Santiago hotel

The Singular Santiago is a five-star luxury hotel located in the Lastarria Neighborhood in the heart of downtown Santiago. The hotel was designed specifically to fit seamlessly into this iconic neighborhood, which epitomizes the pride and creativity of the people of Santiago.

The history and heritage of Chile are important to our owners; they are descended from the pioneers who traveled to Patagonia to start a new life.  One of the reasons they created The Singular Patagonia was to help capture the spirit of their homeland.  Our Patagonian hotel has since been recognized as among the finest in all of South America, so we decided to continue our mission by creating a new Singular hotel in Santiago, to help reflect the proud past of our capital.

Of course, it was important for the hotel to not only reflects the past, but to help protect the future, so sustainability was a major part of the design and construction. In building The Singular Santiago, we used technologies that reduced water consumption by 20% - 30%, as well as measures to help reduce heating energy consumption by using an efficient “wraparound” design to retain internal temperature. We also designed our rooms with low-energy LED bulbs and Master Switch technology to reduce electricity use.

We are proud to have been able to build yet another unique Chilean hotel: The Singular Santiago. We hope you will join us and experience the Singular difference.

Singular Hotel Exterior