The Best Hotels and Resorts in Mexico and South America: The 2020 Gold List

Conde Nast Traveler Review of The Singular Patagonia, one of the best resorts of South America, Gold List 2020

A profound sense of place, a truly singular atmosphere

Why did this hotel catch your attention? What's the vibe?

The exposed pipes in brick reception area and the funicular that take you down to the main building feel steampunk without the whimsy. The surrounding landscape is windswept and harshly gorgeous. There's an honesty to the whole place. This hotel doesn't apologize for having once been a slaughterhouse, but instead mixes a dose of morbid fascination in with stark natural beauty and excellent service to yield an atmosphere that's not unctuous or fussy but forthright, almost tough. Even though the luxury is real, enough industrial spaces are left intact that you have a sense of camping out somewhere forbidden, of being in a secret world.



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