Explore Authentic Cuisine and Local Ingredients

Hernán Basso Executive Chef at The Singular Hotels.

"Our contribution to Chilean food culture is transversal, we want to show Chile to our guests in a natural and tasty way".

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Here’s to celebrating the women who make a difference. Especially those in our communities.

Happy International Women’s Day! This date on the calendar is justifiably celebrated around the world. When it arrives every year, most of us tend to focus on recognizing the most famous among females. 

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Two Chileans Who Have Won Oscars… and One We Believe Should Very Soon!

Like most movie buffs, we’re gearing up for the Oscars on Sunday. This annual event never fails to captivate cinephiles around the world.

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Winter Wanderings: Five Reasons to book a May, July or August Patagonia vacation

"It seems like everything sleeps in winter, but it's really a time of renewal and reflection.”
— Elizabeth Camden

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Our Favorite Part of Seeing Families Traveling in Chile



“Traveling in the company of those we love is like home in motion.”

– Leigh Hunt


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Puma tracking in the wilds of Torres del Paine

Those are the feelings–at least, some of them–you’ll likely have on a Puma Tracking excursion with The Singular Patagonia. 

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Should The Singular be featured on White Lotus?

It occurs to us that The Singular Santiago could absolutely be included on such a show: a five-star property sought after by those who enjoy the finer things in life. It offers classic refinements, superlative service, and  all the trappings you’d expect from an award-winning hotel. 

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7 Places and Experiences You Won’t Want to Miss in Santiago

We’re proud to call Santiago home. It is Chile’s most vibrant and populous city,  and “offers a dynamic cultural landscape, with world-class chefs, design-forward shops, and energy to spare” (New York Times).

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Why the “shoulder seasons” are great times to travel to Chile

Shoulder season. Conde Nast Traveler calls these time periods adjacent to the high and low travel seasons “the most underrated time to travel,” and for good reason.

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Celebrating World Oceans Day at The Singular

Today is World Oceans Day, which is particularly important to us here at The Singular. 

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Must-Have Culinary Experiences in Chile

There are so many reasons to travel to Chile, but our guests regularly rank the cuisine as one of the most delightful (and delectable) parts of their journey. 

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Echoes of the Wind

Interview Esteban Vergara Soto first fiddle

In November 2021, The Singular Patagonia launched a special program called Echoes of the Wind. Taking place over two days, Echoes of the Wind marked the first time ever that the Teatro Municipal, National Opera of Chile traveled to Patagonia for a series of concerts - one concert exclusively for guests of The Singular Patagonia and another concert open to the public, along with the Children’s Orchestra of Puerto Natales.

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A man at coast watching glaciers near The Singular Patagonia
A man at coast watching glaciers near The Singular Patagonia

Shackleton & Pardo

Embodying the Pioneering Spirit

“Difficulties are just things to overcome, after all.” - Ernest Shackleton

“The task is great, but nothing frightens me. I am a Chilean." - Luis Pardo

At The Singular, we created our Pioneers program to celebrate those who came before us in Patagonia: intrepid souls who helped to build, and have come to define, this incomparable land. 

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