The Path of Sustainability: The Mission is Ongoing

Eco-conscious travel is more important than ever, and the word “sustainability” has become virtually ubiquitous.

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The Singular Santiago: An Ideal “Bleisure” Destination

The times have changed and professional jaunts are evolving in response. Now more than ever, people are embracing “bleisure travel,” adding a personal element to work trips

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Lonely Planet names Chile one of its Top Countries for 2024 Travel 

Recently, Lonely Planet named Chile as one of the Top Places to Travel in the world. It’s not surprising, of course… We've known this for years. Yet it’s telling that one of travel’s most respected arbiters of amazing destinations has bestowed this honor on our home country
this year.

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Mindful Meandering: How Slow Travel is Gaining Steam

In the face of the go-go-go mentality that suffuses daily life, many of us have chosen to discover the world’s treasures at a more leisurely pace. Take more time. Slow our roll. 

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Let the Music Move You: Concerts Galore in Santiago, Chile

Let the Music Move You: Concerts Galore in Santiago, Chile. 

There is nothing like live music. 

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Be well at the “End of the World”: Activity enhances Patagonia’s pleasures

Sometimes, experiences defy description. Or rather, you can describe them, but you can’t adequately convey the feelings, sensations, and thoughts they evoke.

Active experiences in Patagonia are like that. 

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Respite & Renewal: The Spa at The Singular Patagonia

A visit to a spa can be a major boon for your physical and mental wellbeing.

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The “Patagonian Ice Dragon” Abides: Rare Creatures in the Chilean Wilds

The Patagonian Ice Dragon is the only insect that inhabits the legendary Patagonian Ice Fields. 

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Are you ready for the Pan Am Games in Santiago? The Singular is.

This year the Pan Am Games are being held in Santiago, and we couldn’t be more excited.

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The Soul—and the Heart—of Patagonia

When people visit us in southern Chile, they are justifiably enamored with the raw and resplendent natural wonders here. Glaciers. Fjords. Windswept pampas, crystalline lakes, the unmistakable spires of Torres del Paine… this part of the world offers a kaleidoscopic combination of jaw-dropping beauty and invigorating adventures. This is the rugged soul of Patagonia.

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Explore Authentic Cuisine and Local Ingredients

Hernán Basso Executive Chef at The Singular Hotels.

"Our contribution to Chilean food culture is transversal, we want to show Chile to our guests in a natural and tasty way".

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Echoes of the Wind

Interview Esteban Vergara Soto first fiddle

In November 2021, The Singular Patagonia launched a special program called Echoes of the Wind. Taking place over two days, Echoes of the Wind marked the first time ever that the Teatro Municipal, National Opera of Chile traveled to Patagonia for a series of concerts - one concert exclusively for guests of The Singular Patagonia and another concert open to the public, along with the Children’s Orchestra of Puerto Natales.

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A man at coast watching glaciers near The Singular Patagonia
A man at coast watching glaciers near The Singular Patagonia

Shackleton & Pardo

Embodying the Pioneering Spirit

“Difficulties are just things to overcome, after all.” - Ernest Shackleton

“The task is great, but nothing frightens me. I am a Chilean." - Luis Pardo

At The Singular, we created our Pioneers program to celebrate those who came before us in Patagonia: intrepid souls who helped to build, and have come to define, this incomparable land. 

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