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At The Singular Hotels, our reason for being is to create the extraordinary. 
By connecting our guests with the rich history, culture and nature of Santiago and Patagonia, we hope to transform lives and share the unique treasures of Chile with each and every visitor.


Darwin’s “Elegant Animal”

“It is an elegant animal in a state of nature, with a long slender neck and fine legs.”

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The Founding of Santiago

Santiago is Chile’s most vibrant and populous city, with more than 5 million people calling the capital home. When traveling through this bustling city today, it can be hard to believe that it began as a modest hamlet called Santiago del Nuevo Extremo at the bottom of what was then called Huelén Hill...

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In the Mind’s Eye: The Design and Décor of The Singular Hotel

Sitting at his expansive desk, with rows of design and architecture books on the shelves behind his head, Enrique Concha shut his eyes...

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Why Stay Outside Torres del Paine Park? To Experience Authentic Patagonia.

Think about some of your best travel moments. So often, they take place a step or two away from the tourist track: in authentic places laced with character and charisma.When planning trips, it’s helpful to remember that some of the best things can be found just a little off the beaten path...

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