Why Stay Outside Torres del Paine Park? To Experience Authentic Patagonia.

Think about some of your best travel moments. So often, they take place a step or two away from the tourist track: in authentic places laced with character and charisma.When planning trips, it’s helpful to remember that some of the best things can be found just a little off the beaten path.
Here in Chilean Patagonia, a visit to Torres del Paine National Park is a highlight of any trip. The park is truly deserving of its reputation as one of the most spectacularly beautiful places on Earth.So why do people stay at The Singular when it is located outside the park?
We find that it often has to do with genuineness. After all, this isn’t a cookie-cutter hotel incongruously plopped down in a Patagonian park. The Singular is part of Patagonia: its roots stretch back to the settlement of the area; its brick walls are the same ones that stood before there was even such a thing as Torres Del Paine National Park.

You can feel the history here—walking the hallways, you see faded photos of pioneers past, the riveted metal of century-old machines. The hotel is owned by descendants of some of people who worked here back when it was a cold storage plant. Amidst the thoroughly unique elegance of this five-star hotel, there is an aura of authentic Patagonia everywhere you look. What’s more, you can feel it.

Plus, there is so much more to Patagonia than just the park. There are broad expanses and hidden fjords, glacier-carved mountains and pre-historic caves. There are stories of intrepid souls, and the secluded corners where they proved their mettle. (In fact, guests can ply the same waters as erstwhile explorers of this region).

Of course, the park is just a short, scenery-rich drive from The Singular, so you will have easy access to it. And you can witness it in its full glory with guides who know its contours and crevices like the back of their hand. It is still a highlight of any trip to Patagonia—but when you stay at The Singular, it is one of many highlights.

Here, you’ll experience so much more than just Torres Del Paine Park. You’ll get to know Patagonia… and get tosee those seldom-seen treasures that can only be found a little off the beaten pa