The Singular Hotels – elegant collection of hotels in unique locations of Chile

The Singular Hotels is a portfolio of unique luxury properties in Santiago and Patagonia, Chile. The Singular is the reception point for the traveler who seeks to witness space outside of time – a collection of luxury hotels that preserves the history and legacy of the land where they arise.

They reflect the essence of the surroundings, pay tribute to local history and customs, and integrate the identity of these vibrant regions into the guest experience. Mr Hudson speaks to Dolores Conget, Marketing Manager, about the Singular Hotels brand, their values, the unique locations of the properties, and some of their favorite places in Patagonia and Santiago de Chile.


Tell us a little bit about the history of The Singular Hotels?
Formed as a family initiative with a history of more than 70 years in the hospitality industry in Chile and the region, The Singular Hotels was founded in 2011 with the opening of The Singular Patagonia. Followed by The Singular Santiago aperture in 2014.We believe that each trip to Chile should be a unique and unreplicable experience. Our mission is to deliver a simple and Singular stay that, above all, is defined by warm hospitality and impeccably personalized service.

What are the core values of your establishments? 
Collection of hotels: we are not a hotel chain, but a hotel collection. Each one of our hotels is unique, different, and original; however, they all share the same essence of The Singular Hotels. We care about every detail to be essential and make a difference.
The Singular Luxury is represented by a combination of:

– Refined and personalized service.
– Elegant yet simple atmosphere.
– Sophisticated cuisine, based on local products.

Unique Locations. Committed to enhancing the cultural, natural, and social heritage of each place. Each of our properties is located in privileged environments, linked to the history and culture of our country. The concept of “human scale” should be consistent in every service and space designed by The Singular Hotels. An experience where the customer feels he is being listened to. Close service is the main important thing for us.

“Singular luxury is made up of excellent service in an elegant atmosphere”


Can you talk us through each property in your portfolio, and their unique personality and characteristics?

The Singular Patagonia

  • Heritage: built around the history of the old Bories cold warehouse (20th Century), the Hotel has been a pioneer in the birth of Puerto Natales. Our museum has preserved the original century-old industrial machinery, for which it was declared a historic monument in 1996.
  • Experience: our location allows us to offer a wide variety of excursions, whether in Torres del Paine National Park or nearby attractions. The series of activities we offer in the area, such as fishing, history, and sightings, is what makes us unique.
  • Gastronomy: we put special attention into boosting local products, preparing unique dishes that highlight the region’s heritage. We work to put on the table the purest essence of Chilean Patagonia, represented in our luxurious cuisine.

The Singular Santiago:

  • Hotel Design and service: Singular luxury is made up of excellent service in an elegant atmosphere.
  • Cuisine: its well-known restaurant has been validated upon the gastronomic circles and has become a point of reference for food connoisseurs. The excellence and dedication of its menu is based on local products.
  • Location: cultural, historic, and artistic surroundings, with a variety of gastronomic and activities options related to tourism and entertainment.


Why are your properties so popular with the gay community?
We at The Singular create extraordinary travel experiences for very experienced travelers, that seek adventure, local experiences, and search for the utmost in personalized service. Either the gay community and all travelers worldwide, our properties are recognized for delivering the best in travel experiences. We are known for our distinctive design properties.


How do you keep up with changing customer expectations?
Times and expectations can change by our commitment to delivering the best in travel experiences that are stronger than ever. At Patagonia, we always keep updating our gastronomy and excursions offer, also as we design special programs customized to every kind of traveler. We offer family travel packages, solo travelers, self-drive, honeymooners, etc. At Santiago, as well.



“Either the gay community and all travelers worldwide, our properties are recognized for delivering the best in travel experiences”



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