The Path of Sustainability: The Mission is Ongoing

Eco-conscious travel is more important than ever, and the word “sustainability” has become virtually ubiquitous. Travelers are considering the issue with renewed urgency, and paying greater attention to ensuring they undertake travel plans thoughtfully and with the environment in mind.

For example, online searches for “sustainable travel" jumped by 191% from 2020 to 2023. According to Travel Agent Central, 69% of travelers are looking for sustainable travel options when considering their next destination.’s 2023 Sustainable Tourism Report noted that 74% of travelers want travel companies to offer more sustainable travel choices (up 8% from a year earlier).

 At The Singular, we understand this, and very much believe in the old adage, “think global, act local.” Our country is justly renowned for its stunning natural beauty, and we’re proud that we’re among the most environmentally engaged countries in the world. As a nation, we’ve already surpassed our goal to be powered by 20% renewable energy by 2025, and we’re on the path to eclipsing the 40%-by-2030 goal as well. 

We know guests want to feel their values align with those of their hosts. Therefore, we’re doing everything we can to provide travelers with sustainable options here in Chile, including at our five-star Santiago hotel. 

For example, we eliminated single-use plastic shampoos and similar amenities, opting to install dispensers in bathrooms that can be refilled We’ve also installed thermopane windows—allowing us to regulate the temperature in rooms—as well as adding solar panels that help to reduce the energy used by gas-powered water heaters. 

Speaking of water, we utilize faucets that reduce water consumption by 20-30%. We have also incorporated technologies to measure our energy consumption, which allows us to accurately quantify, and thus improve, our usage continually. 

We’ve also eliminated the use of abrasive cleaning products, replacing them with natural and organic cleaners, which are less harmful to our cleaning staff and the environment. This also contributes to reducing the use of petrochemical-derived products. 

When it’s time to let something go, we always think about how to recycle it. We have a robust program in which we recycle everything from paper to glass, plastics, metals…even oil. If that’s not the best option, we search for ways to repurpose items. For example, when bed linens and bath towels no longer live up to our strict standards, we donate them to foundations that can find them new homes. 

That’s just the start—we’re always looking for even more ways to reduce our impact on the planet and to act as better stewards of the land we love. 

Because to us, sustainability is a journey, not a destination. We’ll always be trying to find ways to improve and enhance our efforts, and to set an example for the community we’re so proud to be a part of.