Be well at the “End of the World”: Activity enhances Patagonia’s pleasures

Be well at the “End of the World”: Activity enhances Patagonia’s pleasures


Sometimes, experiences defy description. Or rather, you can describe them, but you can’t adequately convey the feelings, sensations, and thoughts they evoke.


Active experiences in Patagonia are like that.


The benefits of being active outdoors are clear. Beyond the practical benefits, It’s hard to accurately convey the frisson of exhilaration that comes on a pulse-quickening trek that provides a full 360-degree vista of mountains, fjords, pampas, and sky. Or the feeling of the wind blowing through your hair as you bike through forests and fields, all while soaking in stunning panoramas.


There is something about being active in such an awe-inspiring place that is rejuvenating. The raw beauty of your surroundings somehow puts an extra spring in your step, and the invigoration that comes with exercise tends to make the vistas more vibrant.



But it’s more than that.


Because the feeling lingers, like an echo. It stays with you even after your heart rate returns to normal, and when the day’s dizzying array of rugged scenes is just a fresh memory. You’re calmer. Content.


You’re well.


We all crave that feeling of wellness; many of us search for it persistently in our busy everyday lives, coming up with elaborate tactics and routines to reach this state of being.


Here in Patagonia, life is a bit more simple. Lace up your boots. Hop on a bike. Grab a paddle. Everywhere you look, nature beckons and activities abound.


You can go hiking through subpolar forests and the Patagonian Steppe, past mighty glaciers, mirror-still lakes and wondrous waterfalls. Or climb to peaks where condors soar. There are so many treks to be undertaken close to the hotel, and some—like the W Circuit and the Friendly Paine—that can be multi-day excursions.


You can also embark on one of our cycling adventures, pedaling through windswept pampa where guanacos graze, or set off on a kayak excursion amidst the fjords and channels of this region.

Here at The Singular, you’ll be in the heart of one of the most beautiful settings on the planet—a region that is synonymous with outdoor adventure and the true wellness it creates. So why not join us?

Be active. Be adventurous. Be well.