Explore Authentic Cuisine and Local Ingredients

Explore Authentic Cuisine and Local Ingredients

Hernán Basso Executive Chef at The Singular Hotels.

"Our contribution to Chilean food culture is transversal, we want to show Chile to our guests in a natural and tasty way."

In September Chile celebrates the national holidays and our cuisine is the main protagonist. 

Typical recipes and local products are the essence of the celebrations throughout the country. In the cuisine of The Singular Hotels it is a permanent task to incorporate noble ingredients and work them in formats free of industrial processes.
Hernán Basso has been the executive chef for 5 years and his contribution to Chilean gastronomy is undeniable. As we approach the month of the homeland, he tells us briefly how his cuisine represents the roots of our country.

What characterizes the gastronomy of The Singular?

What characterizes the gastronomy of The Singular is the care of the product, privileging its natural flavors, seeking to show the best of each ingredient. We work with quality products for which it is essential to work together with suppliers looking for noble products throughout Chile to show them under our eyes to our guests who visit us from all over the world. With French touches and international techniques we seek to have a unique identity and at the same time provide food safety. We are also characterized by a methodical way of working, high standards of hygiene and cleanliness, and great teamwork.

What makes your gastronomic proposal different?

Our gastronomic proposal differs in the continuous search for products that for different reasons are not commonly used on a daily basis. For example, in our menus you can find proteins such as Guanaco from Tierra del Fuego, wild hare, Magellanic lamb, rabbit, quail and duck. Also seafood products such as Magellanic spider crab, oysters from the southern snowdrifts, octopus from the Norte Grande, lobsters from Coronel or oysters from Chiloé to name a few. We give great importance to each product and apply the technique that seems most appropriate for each of the preparations. With a gastronomy in constant evolution transmitting the experience acquired in these twelve years leading the kitchens of The Singular as well as a journey of flavors and memories that mark us since our childhood living it between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean.

How do you think The Singular's cuisine contributes to the culture of Chilean cuisine?

Our contribution to Chilean food culture is transversal. First we want to show Chile to our guests in a natural and tasty way. We look for unique products and combine them with international techniques as well as rescuing traditional recipes that differentiate us from other countries in the region. The natural and free of industrial processes in our focus. We encourage the consumption of natural, free proteins that contribute to the conservation and balance of the ecosystem. Also on the human side, we have the constant challenge of generating future talents to be a contribution to Chile and the world. We privilege growth in the company, which allows us to generate links that lead us to guarantee the constancy that an establishment of our characteristics needs.