Let the Music Move You: Concerts Galore in Santiago, Chile

Let the Music Move You: Concerts Galore in Santiago, Chile

There is nothing like live music. 

At a concert, the air is charged. The energy is palpable. The crowd sings and dances along with its favorite songs, allowing themselves to live in the moment. It’s a riveting combination of personal and collective joy—each fan has their own connection to the music, and yet part of the thrill is in sharing it with others. 

Live music has been shown to lower stress, increase feelings of connection with others, and create emotional experiences people remember for years. That could be one reason why more people are centering their travel around concerts.

According to a report by the ticket-reseller StubHub, travel to international events by U.S. buyers was up 80% in 2023. Travelers went to various destinations around the world to immerse themselves in a new culture and have an unforgettable musical experience. “Music enthusiasts weren't just attending shows this year; they were joining forces, creating a league of their own,” said the report. “It wasn't just about the artist on stage; it was about the community coming together.”

In addition to the twin pleasures of cultural exploration and exhilarating euphonies, travelers from North America often enjoy a much cheaper concert experience. Taylor Swift’s show in Buenos Aires attracted U.S. fans with tickets that were much less expensive than those in American cities

So it’s no surprise that travelers have been more interested in traveling to Chile for concerts, and there are a lot to choose from. Fans of the band Placebo and global DJ phenom Martin Garrix will enjoy shows here in March, and Lollapalooza will be taking place that month as well. When April arrives, so will Megadeth and Tom Jones. Chances are, there’s a band or musician coming to our capital that you’ll love. 

And of course, there’s no better home base from which to enjoy Santiago than The Singular. Our hotel is located in the Lastarria neighborhood, which is renowned as a hub of creative endeavor. Home to the city’s best art museums, our five-star hotel is also just a few miles from Movistar Arena, which is where many of the major concerts are held.  

Imagine it: Having an unforgettable concert and travel experience while staying at one of the best hotels on the continent. Why not grab tickets to the show of your choice and book your room today?