Mindful Meandering: How Slow Travel is Gaining Steam

Have you been so busy you ever forgot what you did yesterday? 

If so, you’re not alone. Life can be so frenzied, so chock full of things to do and places to be, that we can struggle to keep up.  

Everything is tugging at our attention; our to-do lists seem to grow perpetually, frustrations flash and then fizzle, and time goes by in a bustling blur, often without us even noticing. The busier we get, the more time seems to accelerate.

And unfortunately, that state of mind can trickle into our travel plans. Which may be why more and more people being more intentional and deliberate in their travel. 

After a pandemic prevented us from exploring for a while, it seems we’ve woken up the joy of slow travel. In the face of the go-go-go mentality that suffuses daily life, many of us have chosen to discover the world’s treasures at a more leisurely pace. Take more time. Slow our roll. 

It’s not surprising, really—there are a number of benefits to this approach. For one, It can allow for more engaging experiences. While other travelers are scrambling to reach the next attraction or bucket-list item, slow travelers can relax more. In some cases, they may see less of a destination, but they undoubtedly feel a place more deeply.

It offers not only a less stressful overall experience, it also permits travelers the luxury of time; when your itinerary isn’t jam-packed, you’ll have more moments available to, well, just see what happens. To explore less-visited towns or neighborhoods, chat with locals, try an off-the-beaten path cafe, and generally immerse yourself in the local culture. Great travel stories rarely emerge from a perfectly executed itinerary, after all. 

This form of travel eschews the idea of “checking things off your list” and invites you to create mindful moments wherever you may be. Plus, slowing down can be beneficial for the environment, as allows for more the use of more sustainable forms of transportation (walking, biking, trains, etc.).

As it happens, Chile is a perfect destination for a longer-than-usual, relaxing getaway. The country has great infrastructure to support such journeys, including an excellent railway system. And there are countless destinations to explore, including iridescent Valparaiso, San Pedro de Atacama (gateway to the otherworldly desert from which it draws its name), Chiloe National Park, and the wine regions, among many others. 

Best of all, you can bookend whichever slow-travel itinerary (we use that term loosely) you choose with stays at the Singular—starting in culture-rich Santiago, and culminating in Patagonia, the legendary “end of the world.”

So why not explore a little longer and enjoy a deeper, more intentional experience? Embark on a slow travel adventure in Chile. There’s no question: It will be unforgettable.