Respite & Renewal: The Spa at The Singular Patagonia

Respite & Renewal: The Spa at The Singular Patagonia

A visit to a spa can be a major boon for your physical and mental wellbeing. 

That’s not exactly news. For years, studies have shown that it reduces stress, improves sleep quality and blood circulation, not to mention the pain relief and skin health benefits. In fact, few things offer such a flood of practical benefits. There is another advantage you’ll experience at The Singular Patagonia that is a bit harder to quantify… but is perhaps even more powerful. 

Of course, you can choose from a dazzling array of treatments and experiences here. Massages that relax, others that promote healing for the weary muscles of those enjoying active Patagonian pursuits. Sauna, steam, jacuzzi. Oils and moisturizers made from organic plants and fruits. Everything you’d expect from a world-class spa. 

But it’s more than that. 

Imagine it: Walking through a cocoon-like corridor, the air misty and warm, laced with a sweet, as-yet-undefined scent. Instinctively, your pace slows. As you walk in, you hear soothing music playing in the background—soft and soothing, an aural invitation. 

A member of the staff welcomes you warmly, pointing out all of the options available, offering you a robe. You look to your right, and there it is.

That view. 

The timeless grandeur of Patagonia unfurls before you: Last Hope Sound, cloud-crowned ridges in the distance. The indefatigable grays, the insistent blues. A gull occasionally coasts across the vista, adding a glimmer of movement to a rugged scene. That view is virtually omnipresent at The Singular Spa: from the indoor/outdoor pool, the treatment rooms, even the sauna.

As you enjoy your spa experience—and the many indulgent options to choose from—it seems as though everything falls away. Tension, yes, but also the sometimes-frenzied pace of the everyday. Breathing deeply, you realize: You needed this. And you deserve it. And that scene outside of the windows is a part of the experience.

Vacations offer a chance to do and see things we never have before—and this is especially true in Patagonia. To venture, to explore, to create memories you’ll carry with you always. But when you’re done soaking up everything this legendary region has to offer, it’s helpful to unwind. To stop going and doing. 

To simply be. 

The spa at The Singular Patagonia is a salubrious sanctuary. And we have built it so that guests are always reminded of where they are: in one of the world’s most remote, remarkable, and timeless wilds. A land that abides, in part, because it is never in a rush. 

Because nature has a way of reconnecting us to a truth we can often forget. 

It reminds us to slow down. To breathe.  

To just be.